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We plan your content لنأثر جمهورك

At 7P, we offer content plan service as an essential part of overall digital marketing strategies. Our team aims to prepare strategic and effective content plans that contribute to achieving your business goals and distinguishing you in the competitive market.

We begin the process of preparing a content plan with a careful analysis of your target audience and a deep understanding of their needs and expectations. Our goal is to identify content that meets those needs and enriches audience interaction with your brand.

Crafting and evaluating content that meets the core desires of your audience

في عالم التسويق سريع التطور، البقاء في المقدمة أمر حاسم. في 7P، نوفر لك جميع المميزات التي قد تحتاجها.

حيث نتميز في صياغة تقاويم محتوى التسويق التي تتزامن بشكل مثالي مع اتجاهات مجالك وسلوك جمهورك وأهداف العمل.

With us, your brand is always at the forefront, ready for every opportunity and challenge that awaits it. By choosing us, you guarantee the future success of your brand. Join us and experience the power of forward-looking marketing.

What do we Offer ?

Impactful services - from strategy to plan to scheduling

خطة المحتوى - تحليل الجمهور المستهدف

Target audience analysis

We always start by analyzing the audience and targets to understand their needs and interests, which helps guide content strategies.

خطة المحتوى - تحديد الأهداف

Define goals precisely

We work to determine the marketing and communication goals that the content must achieve, whether it is raising awareness, stimulating interaction, or motivating decision-making.

خطة المحتوى - إبتكار أفكار المحتوى

Creating content ideas

We develop innovative and inspiring content ideas that match your brand vision and purpose.

خطة المحتوى - تصميم تسلسل المحتوى

Content sequence design

We arrange the content logically and sequentially, focusing on providing an enjoyable and educational reading experience.

خطة المحتوى - تنظيم وجدولة المحتوى

Organizing and scheduling content

We set a schedule for publishing content on a regular basis, keeping in mind the optimal timing for maximum impact.

خطة المحتوى - تحليل الأداء والتحسين المستمر

Analysis and continuous improvement

We use analytics tools to measure content performance, and we adjust strategies based on data and analytics.

خطة المحتوى - تكامل مع استراتيجيات التسويق الشاملة

Integrate with comprehensive marketing strategies

We emphasize the integration of the content plan with the rest of the marketing strategies to achieve an integrated customer experience and achieve maximum impact.

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