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At 7P, we realized the importance of server management as a vital process to ensure that your server performs efficiently and stably. Our services include hardware and software configuration, performance and security monitoring. By using a dedicated team, you can delegate all aspects of the server with confidence.

We install and update software, and adjust settings to meet your needs. Server performance is constantly monitored to verify resource usage and improve performance when necessary.

In the field of security, we take steps to protect the server from threats with regular updates and effective security settings. Simply put, server management provides peace of mind and confidence, allowing you to focus on your core business and achieving your business goals without worrying about the technical and security details of your server.

We deliver excellence and innovation in DevOps technology

When you choose 7P, you're opting for a partner dedicated to your success. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart. We leverage cutting-edge DevOps practices, ensuring your software delivery is faster, your infrastructure is robust, and your security is unwavering. Trust in our proven track record and experience the difference that sets us apart as your DevOps solution provider.

What do we Offer ?

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Configure and deploy

We design and deploy a customized and efficient server architecture to meet your business needs, focusing on optimal configuration to achieve the best performance.

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Safety and protection

We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your business data. We implement the latest security updates and protection technology to meet modern security challenges.

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Performance monitoring

We believe in the importance of effective performance. Servers are monitored continuously to ensure their stability and verify performance improvement if necessary.

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Improving infrastructure

We always strive to improve the structure of servers to follow the development of technology, which contributes to enhancing the efficiency and readiness of their work.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup

We provide efficient backup services to ensure your data is protected and able to be restored in an emergency.

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Sizing and coordination

We containerize applications and automate orchestration, simplifying deployment, scaling, and management for greater efficiency.

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Continuous Delivery (CD)

We automate deployments, manage environments, and enhance release strategies, guaranteeing reliable, consistent application delivery across different stages.

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Performance Optimization

We conduct load testing, scale resources dynamically, and ensure peak performance, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.

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Cost Management

We monitor and optimize costs, keeping your infrastructure efficient and within budget while maintaining peak performance.

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Specialized technical support

We provide you with a professional technical support team with quick response and effective solutions to address any technical issue, while maintaining service continuity.

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